12. Something is Rotten in Denmark

June 29, 2017

Lee and Andrea drag themselves away from their beach vacation long enough to bring you their abbreviated thoughts on this week’s four-hour Bachelorette that spanned two nights. They leave no (Jack) Stone unturned covering everything from that creepy smile that sent all of America reeling, to Rachel’s walking tourism ad for Denmark, and wrap-up with some final reflections on the most cut-throat week in recent Bachelorette history which saw Rachel send SIX guys home.


11. Float Like a Blimp, Sting Like a Spelling Bee

June 21, 2017

Lee and Andrea are fired up after this week's explosive episode of The Bachelorette, which Lee declares is "an assault on the English language." They also recite a dramatic reading from a cringe-worthy exchange between Rachel and Bryan before diving into commentary on Alex's purple tiger suit, strange country music lyrics, and the escalating situation with Kenny and the other Lee (the one who has racist tendencies). Finally, as Lee and Andrea prepare to travel to Charleston next week, they check in on the Southern Charm gang and wonder how likely they are to run into Shep at a bar. 


10. Trouble in Paradise

June 14, 2017

Lee and Andrea discuss the news that's rocking Bachelor Nation this week, and Andrea shares her own terrible news about a recent incident that has left her questioning everything. Without a new episode of The Bachelorette, our favorite Southern Idiots are front and center this week.




9. Banana Splitsville

June 7, 2017

Lee and Andrea discuss the recent announcement of the new cast for Bachelor in Paradise, and also share some exciting news from the Twitter-verse regarding one Adam Jr. (aka - everyone's favorite doll who's looking for love). Then they jump into discussing the latest episode of The Bachelorette which includes a revealing trip to the Ellen show, a painful lesson in kissing with Fred, a jarring observation about Anthony, and a mud-wrestling competition that leads to mud-slinging as emotions heat-up. Finally, they briefly check-in on the Southern Charm gang and ponder a controversial opinion that Patricia may in fact be the best match for Thomas. 


8. Whaboom Goes the Dynamite

May 31, 2017
Lee and Andrea discuss their recent trip to Vegas, which nearly resulted in a run-in with some former Bachelor contestants (hi Raven!), and then they dive into the latest episode of The Bachelorette including some obligatory Whaboom analysis, figuring out what's going on with Peter's hair, and breaking down that whole situation with DeMario and his crazy-ex. They also briefly check in with the Southern Charm gang, including that weird lady at Thomas and Landon's dinner who wins Worst Reality TV Cameo of all time.

7. You’ve Got Quail

May 17, 2017

Lee and Andrea console each other over the latest chaotic news headlines and the stunning loss of a Bachelor relationship gone sour, but somehow manage to get it together enough to give their dog a DNA test. Then they recap this week's episode of Southern Charm where they dream of having bourbon slushies with Patricia and cover everything from Kathryn's questionable hairstyle and Craig's downward spiral, to a quail hunting trip where Chelsea proves she may be the hardest bird to catch. 


6. Sip and Seeing Red

May 10, 2017
Andrea gives Lee a quick recap of Southern Charm Savannah before they discuss the original Southern Charmers' latest antics, including Craig and Naomie's escalating argument, Shep's gummy vitamins, and the fact that apparently a million dollars isn't worth much to Thomas or Landon.


5. Why is Craig Sew Emotional? (w/Stephen Colletti)

May 2, 2017

Stephen Colletti joins Lee and Andrea as their first podcast guest! They take a walk down memory lane with some behind-the-scenes stories from Stephen's "Laguna Beach" and "One Tree Hill" days, and they also get his perspective about the realities of reality tv. They also discuss Stephen's favorite lady of Charleston, Cameran's dark (white?) past, and everything else from this week's episode of Southern Charm, including questions about how many drinks Shep really has every day and what exactly Craig is making with his new sewing machine.


4. Ravenel Bridge Over Troubled Waters

April 26, 2017

Lee and Andrea reflect on a harrowing experience they had over the weekend involving a hike gone wrong, and then move on to recapping this week's episode of Southern Charm. They dissect the Austen/Chelsea/Shep love triangle, and Andrea finds herself warming up to a very unexpected person. They also discuss their favorite southern colloquialisms, Landon's warped self-view, what Thomas wants in a woman, Shep's paisley party-pants, and the birthday cruise that was anything but smooth sailing.


3. We’re on an Upward Projectory

April 18, 2017

Andrea and Lee discuss Andrea's startling discovery that Lee is more similar to Austen than they ever thought possible. They also bid adieu to Vanderpump Rules for the season, expose the truth about what Thomas has really been wasting his years on, and recap all the other shenanigans on this week's episode of Southern Charm.