4. Ravenel Bridge Over Troubled Waters

April 26, 2017

Lee and Andrea reflect on a harrowing experience they had over the weekend involving a hike gone wrong, and then move on to recapping this week's episode of Southern Charm. They dissect the Austen/Chelsea/Shep love triangle, and Andrea finds herself warming up to a very unexpected person. They also discuss their favorite southern colloquialisms, Landon's warped self-view, what Thomas wants in a woman, Shep's paisley party-pants, and the birthday cruise that was anything but smooth sailing.


3. We’re on an Upward Projectory

April 18, 2017

Andrea and Lee discuss Andrea's startling discovery that Lee is more similar to Austen than they ever thought possible. They also bid adieu to Vanderpump Rules for the season, expose the truth about what Thomas has really been wasting his years on, and recap all the other shenanigans on this week's episode of Southern Charm.


2. NDA’s For Everyone

April 11, 2017

Lee and Andrea try Vanderpump Pink Sangria and the ruling is not favorable. They also discuss Lee's disturbing dream-subconscious and exciting news from the Bravo universe before recapping the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2 and the latest episode of Southern Charm. 


1 Southern Charm Rules

April 4, 2017

Lee and Andrea launch the podcast by discussing the season premiere of Southern Charm and the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1.


Introducing Married with Television

March 27, 2017

Lee and Andrea tease their favorite reality shows and what to expect on their new podcast. They have deep thoughts and burning questions about The Bachelorette (RACHEL!), Vanderpump Rules, Summer House, and Southern Charm (which premieres on April 3rd!).