18. Drinks Are On the (Wheel)house

August 17, 2017

Lee and Andrea set sail on covering the new season of Bachelor In Paradise and discuss the unforgettable opening credits, Robbie's new face, sweaty Iggy's pending demise, celebrity dating apps, and everything else one could possibly hope for in a recap about a bunch of drunk reality stars kissing and crying their way through their extended 15 minutes of fame. 


17. Wind Beneath My Ring

August 9, 2017

Lee and Andrea are blown away by this weeks Bachelorette finale, and not in a good way. Andrea seeks solace from the one and only Oprah and Lee is looking ahead to Paradise, but first they take a look at how everything went wrong for Rachel and Peter. They also may have stumbled onto a sequel idea for Rachel and Bryan called "It Is What It Is" featuring everyone's least favorite couple at Thanksgiving dinner as Bryan meets Rachel's Federal Judge dad and has to contend with Constance. Grab your ponchos, batten down the hatches, and prepare yourself - the end is near. 


16. The Men Tell Yawn

August 2, 2017

Lee and Andrea are back with a brief recap of this week's Bachelorette: The Men Tell All episode. They quickly discover they're more excited by the amazing studio audience reaction shots than by anything the men have to say. Dean appears to be an audience favorite, but questionable wardrobe choices and a sticky situation with gum leave Lee and Andrea in doubt. They look ahead to next week's finale and are preparing themselves for the worst (i.e.- Bryan), but gearing up for what looks to be an exciting season of Bachelor in Paradise. 


15. Winner, Winner, Awkward Dinner

July 26, 2017

Lee and Andrea briefly recap their weekend which shockingly included staying out past 10:00pm. Next they talk about the joys and sorrows of movie theater etiquette in LA before jumping into this week's episode of The Bachelorette which saw Rachel's family meet the final three guys. There's a lot to cover including Peter's strong start and rough finish, and Eric's infatuation with his hot tub moment. However, Lee and Andrea are most excited about Mama Lindsay, Constance, and the rest of Rachel's family's less than stellar reaction to Bryan. Awkward family dynamics, the correct pronounciation of the word "vulnerable," and a vineyard run by Chef Boyardee await!


14. The Gong Song (w/Ethan Cushing)

July 19, 2017

Filmmaker and host of the My First Feature podcast, Ethan Cushing, joins Lee and Andrea this week. After some Southern Charm news and a recap of Andrea's birthday weekend spent with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw (in concert, not as besties) they dive into this week's episode of The Bachelorette. Everyone has a lot to say on everything from Bryan's weird relationship with his mom to Dean's showdown with his dad. Lee is very concerned about who the emerging front runner is and they all speculate on who may win and who might be the next Bachelor. Join the gang and prepare to have your chakra aligned! Find Ethan at www.ethancushing.com, as well as @ethancushing and @firstfeaturepod on Twitter.


13. Secrets from the Holy City

July 12, 2017

Lee and Andrea are back from visiting Charleston and have a MAJOR secret to share about where they stayed in the Holy City (hint: it was the house of one of their favorite Southern Charmers)! They also detail their near run-in with trouble outside of Patricia's house before recapping the Southern Charm season finale/reunion. They close things out by discussing this week's episode of The Bachelorette which saw two guys go home that they barely got to know, plus predictions are made about who the next Bachelor might be.


12. Something is Rotten in Denmark

June 29, 2017

Lee and Andrea drag themselves away from their beach vacation long enough to bring you their abbreviated thoughts on this week’s four-hour Bachelorette that spanned two nights. They leave no (Jack) Stone unturned covering everything from that creepy smile that sent all of America reeling, to Rachel’s walking tourism ad for Denmark, and wrap-up with some final reflections on the most cut-throat week in recent Bachelorette history which saw Rachel send SIX guys home.


11. Float Like a Blimp, Sting Like a Spelling Bee

June 21, 2017

Lee and Andrea are fired up after this week's explosive episode of The Bachelorette, which Lee declares is "an assault on the English language." They also recite a dramatic reading from a cringe-worthy exchange between Rachel and Bryan before diving into commentary on Alex's purple tiger suit, strange country music lyrics, and the escalating situation with Kenny and the other Lee (the one who has racist tendencies). Finally, as Lee and Andrea prepare to travel to Charleston next week, they check in on the Southern Charm gang and wonder how likely they are to run into Shep at a bar. 


10. Trouble in Paradise

June 14, 2017

Lee and Andrea discuss the news that's rocking Bachelor Nation this week, and Andrea shares her own terrible news about a recent incident that has left her questioning everything. Without a new episode of The Bachelorette, our favorite Southern Idiots are front and center this week.




9. Banana Splitsville

June 7, 2017

Lee and Andrea discuss the recent announcement of the new cast for Bachelor in Paradise, and also share some exciting news from the Twitter-verse regarding one Adam Jr. (aka - everyone's favorite doll who's looking for love). Then they jump into discussing the latest episode of The Bachelorette which includes a revealing trip to the Ellen show, a painful lesson in kissing with Fred, a jarring observation about Anthony, and a mud-wrestling competition that leads to mud-slinging as emotions heat-up. Finally, they briefly check-in on the Southern Charm gang and ponder a controversial opinion that Patricia may in fact be the best match for Thomas.